Apologies for the delay in updates. We were unable to provide an update while we were in Canberra due to technical errors on Blogger, but we’re back in Melbourne for the week with a double update!

The weather started to make a turn for the better the day we left Sydney, but we had to make haste to Canberra. We were very lucky that our foldable marquee, which had fallen off the roof rack at 100km/h, did not hit any vehicles behind us. Apart from a couple of small tears, it stood well at the following two festivals.

The National Folk Festival in Canberra was an amazing success! We sold out of mandolins in less than an hour, and we’re also out of the small xylophone, and travel guitar (unless you’re left-handed). However, feel free to make an order when you see us at Fairbridge Festival in less than two weeks, or make an order online.

We also met some wonderful people at the National, and would like to thank Liza and John of Real Ethereal Creations for a fantastic weekend. We also caught up with Ian Champ, who wrote a feature on Nick in the current issue of Trad & Now, The Australian National Folk Magazine.

We couldn’t spend the Easter Week in the nation’s capital without visiting the sights. We were at Parliament House, Old Parliament House, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra Museum And Gallery, ScreenSound Australia, and the National Museum of Australia.

Our next stop after Canberra was across the Snowy Mountains to Corryong in Victoria, where we had The Man From Snowy River Bush Festival. We sold out of dulcimers over the weekend, and enjoyed the music and poetry readings which the high country folk had to offer. Hail the Man from Snowy River!

We will be spending the week in Melbourne before we hit the road and cross the Nullarbor back to Western Australia for the Fairbridge Festival!