We have arrived in Adelaide! Yes, we’re finally in the City of Lights, and on schedule, too! We haven’t run into any problems, except for faulty door locks, loose bolts on the roof rack, but they got rectified quickly.

The Nullarbor was simply breathtaking. We stopped along the way for photos, and the view from the Great Australian Bight was just AMAZING! We hope the photos will do it some justice.

We also found the Nullarbor Plain in South Australia to be much cleaner than the Highway in Western Australia. Not much roadkill, which saved us of the stench we had crossing WA.

We set up camp early yesterday. Well, it was 8p.m in the evening, but the sun hadn’t set, which made us wonder if we set our clocks right. It turned out the sun’s out quite a number of hours in SA. Anyway, we’re spending this late afternoon in Adelaide, then heading south east tonight.

Tomorrow: Port Fairy Folk Festival!

P.S. We thought we’d be able to include a photo we took on the Nullarbor, but it’s not detecting the memory card. Maybe another time!