We are currently in Esperance and have been looking for an Internet cafe. The first one was down, but we’re here at the gas station for $1 per 12 min kiosk, so here’s a quick update!

The Nannup Music Festival was a success! We’ve come full circle with this festival. It was the first festival for Wildwood Instruments a couple of years ago, and this recent one has rivalled the success we had at the Bridgetown Blues Festival in November 2004. We’ve had heaps of people coming through and working their magic on Nick’s musical instruments. We also found the dulcimer with the pick-up to be very popular.

We set out pretty early today, and have passed through Bridgetown, Ongerup, Ravensthorpe and Munglinup. We’ll be in Norseman tonight and heading across the Nullarbor tomorrow, and we’ll keep you posted whenever we can!