Art Gallery

The Wildwood Instruments Art Gallery


Open Saturday and Sundays, 10am to 4pm.

11 Phillips Road, Mount Franklin, Victoria (8 min from Daylesford)


This boutique gallery houses the work of luthier and artist Nick Carpenter. His unique art delves deep into the recesses of our musical culture, exploring our connection with music. His sculptural and 3D artworks are created using his instrument making skills and often incorporate musical instruments.
Drop by and have a chat to the artist whilst checking out what unique musical based artworks he has available for sale. There is a viewing window into the workshop so you can see the bustling den of creativity. You may even see a guitar making workshop in progress (Nick would only be able to have a quick chat on these weekends as he is running the courses). There is plenty of parking available. So put it on your itinerary the next time you are in the area and get ready for a unique gallery experience.

Artist Biography

Check out Nicks Artist Biography

Music Is My Muse Art Exhibition by Nick Carpenter

Music Is My Muse

Nicks latest exhibition
30th Oct to 28 Nov 2021
Online exhibition available here

INSTRUMENTATION Art Exhibition - A Homecoming By Nick Carpenter


Nicks first exhibition, December 2020
Online exhibition available here