Cigar Box Guitar/Ukulele Making Course

You can make one of these awesome Guitars or Ukuleles in our single day Cigar Box Guitar/Ukulele Making Course. It’s a modernised version of the depression era instruments they used to make out of found objects (including the once common discarded cigar box)! Everything is provided for you to make your very own customised CBG or CBU, and there are lots of options to choose from too. It’s a great introduction into the world of instrument making!

You can see what past students have said about the course on the REVIEWS page

Whats Involved

You will learn how to;
-Final prep and sanding of your instrument
-Install, level and dress the frets
-Apply a Stain and an Oil finish
-Assemble the body and neck
-Install the hardware
-Install the electronics
– Make a bridge
-Do a full set up, which includes,
string height/action adjustments
cutting in the nut
testing electronics
pickup adjustments
and setting the intonation


You can customise your Cigar Box Guitar/Ukulele with these options;
– Chromatic or diatonic scale (Guitar only)
– Sound ports, f holes or no sound holes
– A wide range of colours
– Set up for slide or fretting
– Different tuning options
-Optional pickup with control knob selection.

Customise it to make it truly your own!


– Our Cigar Box Guitar Making Courses generally run on the third weekend of each month.
– Saturday from 10am to 5pm.
– There is a maximum of four students per course
– You can build our Cigar Box Guitar, choosing the many options as you go along in the course. It can also be made as a left handed model as well.
– We do not promote smoking and as such our cigar boxes are actually new timber boxes that are made in our workshop. They have the Wildwood logo printed on the front face of the box.
– You need to be 16 years or older to participate. Please see our Terms and Conditions for participating in a course
– No prior experience is necessary, we will guide you through all the steps involved
– The course costs $399 including GST. That one price is the total cost to complete the course. It includes all the materials, consumables, use of all the required tools and the fully guided day of tuition.
– You may want to purchase a case for your finished instrument. We have soft cases available for $25. You can either order them when booking your course online or on the day of the course.
– The CBG course is seperate to the Electric Guitar Making Course and they do not run together. They have seperate dates.
– Check out our FAQ page if you have any unanswered queries. If you cannot find the answer there please feel free to get in contact with us


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Alternatively, if you are purchasing the course as a gift you may find our Gift Voucher useful, as you do not need to select the guitar model or the date to purchase a course. It saves you trying to wrangle the info out of them without ruining the surprise. A lovely gift certificate is included that you can present to the recipient on the special day also.