The Launch of Wildwood Instruments in 1999.  Front page of The Today liftout section, The West Australian Newspaper, 27th September 1999.

The launch of Wildwood Instruments 1999.  Community Newspaper, September 1999

Trad & Now Magazine Interview 2005

Community Newspaper 2006

Folk Federation of NSW website 2006

Shop Opening in Brunswick.  Beat Magazine 2008

Trad & Now Magazine Interview 2008

The Age Liftout Magazine 2008

Herald Sun Interview 2011

Moreland Leader Article with the Mayor 2011

Honda Magazine Interview 2012



This is a short documentary about Wildwood, from our humble beginnings to the present day. It also shows how one of our Travel Guitars is made, covering all the steps in the construction process.
The film was put together as a NMIT student project, a job well done by all involved. I hope you enjoy it! (please forgive my shoddy acting skills!).

Wildwood Acoustic Guitar Launch 2011

This is the promo video for the release of our Acoustic guitars in December 2011. This was my first attempt at making a video!


Wildwood Instruments was featured in “The Pride and the Craft” series as part of a promotional campaign for Movember 2011.