Bird On A Wire

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One of the most decorative and unique elements of a guitar is its rossette (the inlay work around the soundhole). This artwork contains 380 individual tiles, shaped, stained and arranged to form a section of a rossette, then bound by Jarrah and Maple purfling.
The saying or phrase “Bird on a Wire” does not have a clear and defined meaning. Some believe that it is about freedom, that the bird perched on the wire is free to fly away. Others refer to an archaic method of putting lime on a wire to entrap songbirds (apparently the lime fuses their feet to the wire so they cannot fly away), capturing these birds most likely for ongoing entertainment purposes. Both meanings can apply to playing the guitar, it is your choice which way you want to look at it!


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Dimensions in mm – 765H x 1735W x 45D

Weight – 13.2kg

Materials Used – Hoop pine ply, Jarrah and Maple purfling, wire, imitation bird, wood stain, oil finish, Tasmanian oak frame.

Date Completed – January 2020