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Order your Custom Electric Guitar here! You can design your own custom electric guitar and have a professional luthier create it for you. The kit guitars that are available in our building courses are now available as finished instruments, where you get to choose all the features you would like. You can choose the guitar model, select the colour, select or design the headstock shape, upgrade the hardware, you can even have a custom vinyl decal made and applied to your headstock, for a very personal touch!. There are lots of options to choose from below.

Your guitar will usually be ready in one to two weeks from confirmation/completion of your booking details, ready to be shipped or picked up. Please note that I apply an oil finish to the guitars, like we do in the course. The colours are wood stains, not solid paint, so you will see the timber grain through the coloured finish, like you see in the photos. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any queries or drop into the gallery to see some examples.

The pictures will give you a guide to the models and possible colour options, though they will not necessarily represent your colour choice, as there are way too many possible combinations. If in doubt about any of the options or upgrades please give me a call on 0416188950 to discuss.



You can add a hand rubbed sunburst colour around the front edge of your guitar. The burst colour needs to be darker than the main colour as it goes over the top of the main colour (Black is the most popular sunburst colour as it works well with all other colours). If there is no binding the sunburst colour will wrap around the sides and have a sunburst on the back of the guitar as well.

Headstock Shape

You can choose what headstock shape your guitar or bass will have, or you can custom design your own shape. Please note, we cannot reproduce other brands headstock shapes, as they are copyrighted. The FV headstock has already been cut to shape.

Custom Vinyl Decal

You can personalise your custom guitar by having a name emblazoned on the headstock. We can create a black vinyl decal in a range of fonts, so you can really personalise your instrument. Please note, we cannot copy any brand names, add symbols, logos or reproduce other fonts other than the ones shown below. Please check your typing as the decal will be as it is typed here. You can use all UPPER CAPS if you want (font 6 is shown in upper caps but can be in either). So please type it exactly how you want it to appear.

The more text you have, the smaller the font will be (15 characters or less is recommended). Decal is approx. 90mm long.

Pickup Upgrades

You can upgrade the pickups on your guitar with the following high quality Gotoh or Wilkinson pickups. The biggest improvement you can make to your guitar's sound is upgrading the pickups, and Gotoh and Wilkinson pickups are highly regarded, top quality products. Please note we do not have upgrades for the RIC and Resonator models at the moment. Please choose the correct pickups for the instrument you are building.

Machine Head Upgrades

Gotoh tuners are well renowned, quality machine heads that stay in tune and have very smooth gears. They are one of the best machine heads available. Make you guitar the best it can be!

Bridge/Tailpiece Upgrades

You can upgrade the bridge and tailpiece on a number of guitar models with these Tune-o-matic Gotoh bridge saddles and tailpieces. Bridge saddles and tailpieces are suitable for the FV, SG, LP and LP Left-handed models. Bridge saddle only for Archtop and RIC models.

Guitar Cases

Add a Hard Case to your order to protect your new guitar. The Rectangular Hard Case is suitable for ST, STA, STAL, TL, TLA and RIC models.


You can have your guitar and case shipped to you within Australia, or you can pick it up from our workshop in Mount Franklin. We will be in touch to let you know when it is ready to collect or be sent. A Hard Case is required for shipping your guitar.

Collect from Wildwood Instruments in Mount Franklin

Your guitar and case will be prepared for shipping, wrapped in bubble wrap and couriered to your nominated address within Australia. For some remote areas there may be an extra charge to cover delivery fees.

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