Gift Voucher

You can purchase a Gift Voucher for any dollar amount.
Upon purchasing a Gift Voucher, you will be emailed a unique Coupon Code. Keep it safe as it is essentially store credit that anyone can use on our website.
The recipient can redeem the voucher by using the coupon code when booking in a course. They can also pay any difference if required.
As an option, you can have the code emailed directly to the recipient, and you can attach a personal message at this time. Please note that they will receive an email with the code and the blank gift certificate PDF. (They will have to print it out and fill it in themselves). If possible, it is recommended that you put your own email address in, have the coupon code and giftcertificate.PDF sent directly to you, then you can print it, fill it in and present it at the appropriate time.
Once purchased, you will have access to the Gift Certificate PDF file, which you can print out, fill in and present to the recipient.
(FYI – Courses start from $649)
For Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions click on the DESCRIPTION button below.

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  • Gift Vouchers are valid for three years from date of purchase. When placing a booking with a gift voucher, you can book a course up to a year in the future, so it is possible to do the course almost four years after purchasing the voucher, provided you place the booking with in the expiry date.
  • Gift Vouchers are not refundable and non transferable for cash.
  • One or more gift vouchers can be used in a single transaction
  • Please make sure the intended recipient is eligible to participate in our courses and is aware of our Terms and Conditions for participating in a course (Please note- students need to be 16 years or older)
  • If all of the gift Voucher is not used upon doing the course, the remainder can either go towards other purchases (i.e. a guitar case), it can stay on your account to use at a later date (prior to expiry) or it can be refunded.
  • You cannot buy a gift voucher with a gift voucher
  • If you cancel a course that was purchased with a gift voucher, inline with our cancellation policy, you will be returned the gift voucher as a refund.
  •  Please keep your Gift Voucher code safe as it is store credit that anyone can use.