How Guitars Work #2

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In this series of artworks revealing the mysteries of the inner workings of guitars, here is another exploration into the operations within the belly of this music producing machine. This piece shows an audiophile about to put a record on the turntable, with an extensive catalog of vinyl records in the background. The collection is named repertoire, which means a collection of music that a musician can perform. If you look closely…. very closely, you will notice on the panel where the pre-amp normally goes is a screen where the guitar player can select which song to play, in this case, a song from Dark Side of the Moon.
Next time you see a guitar player messing with the controls on their guitar, you know what they are doing!

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Dimensions in mm – 570H x 1120W x 250D

Weight – 3.6kg

Materials Used – Half a guitar, pine, paint, mini turntable, opaque paper, twine, glue, etc.

Date Completed – May 2019