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A relevant artwork for the times we are living in. Referencing the Caronavirus pandemic, this piece is of a golden kazoo that is sneezing. The name is in reference to the popular reply to someone who has sneezed, which is Gesundheit, a german word meaning health (as opposed to the more english term of Bless You). The pronunciation closely resembles Kazoontite!
The artwork contains a golden Kazoo, signifying that rich or poor, the pandemic is non discriminatory. The translucent glass on the front of the artwork represents the uncertainty of it all, which leads to fear and panic.



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Dimensions in mm – 390H x 300W x 100D

Weight – 2.1kg

Materials Used – Kazoo, acrylic paint, MDF board, sealed frame with translucent glass.

Date Completed – April 2020

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