Pink Flamencos

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This pair of Pink Flamingos was created out of two new, bright pink 3/4 classical guitars. The colour of these guitars instantly lead me to the use of them as flamingos. The logistics of turning them into long legged birds was another matter. With extra internal bracing and some weight balancing they stand on their own two feet. (Actually they don’t have feet, but you get what I mean) They come as a pair as they do like to flock together!

The name, Pink Flamencos, refers to the birds (pink flamingos) as well as the musical style (flamenco) that you could play on these guitars.


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Dimensions in mm for each Pink Flamenco –  1270H x 800W x 240D

Weight –

Materials Used – Two 3/4 classical guitars, PVC tube, acrylic paint, MDF board, timber base

Usability – The guitars are still playable and tuneable, however, they are delicate artworks and are not made to withstand manhandling.

Placement – Floor or low plinth. Free standing.

Artwork Completed – January 2019

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