Plucked Paisley Psaltry

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This instrument is an invention inspired by paisley. The tear-drop shape of the body, bridge and tuning pegs, along with the soundboard pattern are all derived from the original Indian-style of Paisley. It falls into the psaltry class of instruments more or less, and it is a plucked instrument, hence, it being called A Plucked Paisley Psaltry. Copper tubing was used as the bridge saddle and nut, its lustre contributing to the rustic charm and character of this piece.


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Dimensions in mm – 1100H x 600W x 130D

Weight – 13.8kg

Materials Used – Hoop pine ply for the body, with a solid pine block for the tuning pins to seat in. Jarrah bridge, copper pipe bridge saddle and nut, Tasmanian dowel and pine for the tuning pegs. Wood stain, acrylic paint, glass fronted sealed box frame.

Placement – Wall. Wire attached for hanging

Artwork Completed – January 2018