Skull Guitar

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Skull Guitar is a one of a kind, double necked acoustic guitar. It is a short scale bass and a tenor guitar in one. These two scale lengths are the same which was needed to create the aesthetic balance of the artwork. The idea for this instrument came from looking at guitars from a different perspective (ie. up side down) and imagining what it could represent. The skull shape was there but would require two sound holes for the eyes. Thus, it had to be a double necked instrument. This added a complexity to the internal bracing system, along with the double amount of tension applied to the soundboard. The eyeball shaped labels in the soundholes actually follow you around the room. This skull is always looking at you!
The wall mounted case in which it is housed is designed so that the guitar is accessible and can be taken out and played.

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Dimensions in mm – 1220H x 610W x 170D

Weight – 18.5kg

Materials Used – Sitka Spruce, Jarrah, Queensland Maple, Hoop Pine, Western Red Cedar bracing, Gotoh machine heads, bone nut and bridge, two way truss rods, fretwire, wood stain, polyurethane finish, glass fronted openable box frame.

Usability – It is a functioning double neck acoustic guitar. It is installed in its wall mounted case so that it can be taken out and used easily.

Date Completed – March 2019