Sound Mound

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This work has quite a special meaning to me, in representing a large part of my career. These round Spruce discs are the cutouts of soundholes from some of the hundreds of instruments I have made over the years. These 60mm discs are from my models of mandolins and travel guitars.  There are approximately 180 discs in this piece, pretty much all I have left from the 650 or so instruments that I have made thus far (many were put to other uses in the workshop over the years).
The name Sound Mound is from the remnants of what was created. For example, when you dig a hole in the dirt, you are left with a mound of dirt that you have removed from the hole, so when you cut out a sound-hole, you are left with a sound-mound!

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Materials Used – Sitka Spruce, dowel, upholstery tacks, wood stain, oil finish, acrylic paint, MDF board, Pine frame

Date Completed – April 2020