The Hills Are Alive

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What if the hills were actually alive with the sound of music? The iconic movie inspired this piece with that question in mind. The curves of the side of this guitar make great hills, and the front and back plates from the same guitar make lovely rolling hills in the background. The neck and headstock emulates a pine tree growing on the mountain. Of course this required a 90 degree angle in the neck and a spacer to hold the strings in place. Maria and the children, in their play clothes, are on the mountain side whilst the nasty Nazis are never far away, in the sound hole. The fact the Nazis are trapped behind the wire while the children and Maria are free is reference to each parties’ spirit, ethics and conscience.


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Dimensions in mm – 600H x 705W x 130D

Weight – 9.4kg

Materials Used – A full sized classical guitar, wooden figurines, Radiate Pine, Tasmanian Oak dowel, acrylic paint, glass fronted sealed box frame.

Placement – Wall. Wire attached for hanging

Artwork Completed – November 2018