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$14,000.00 Inc. GST

Trojan is a magnificent horse created entirely from piano parts (except for the base/stand). He came out of an old upright German made Becker piano. The piano was salvaged from a church in Newlyn, country Victoria, where it was about to be disposed of… by fire!  The sculpture emerged as the piano was being dismantled and the frame revealed its potential form. The head was fashioned from the side board of the keyboard area, with a piano hammer for the eye and the pedals for the ears. The saddle was made from the other side board and a section of the keyboard lid. The tail is all of the pianos bass strings. They were on a section of frame that was removed from the main frame of the horse. The horses legs were the pianos legs. All the strings are still intact on the horses frame. However, they cannot be tuned up as there is no longer enough support to handle the strings tension.

The name Trojan actually refers to the piano, as in a Trojan Piano, rather than a Trojan Horse, as it was the horse that came out of the piano!