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Trojan is a magnificent horse created entirely from piano parts (except for the stand). He came out of an old upright, German made Becker piano. The piano was salvaged from a local church in Newlyn, Victoria, where it was about to be disposed of… by fire!  The sculpture emerged as the piano was being dismantled and the frame revealed its potential form. The name Trojan actually refers to the piano, as in a Trojan Piano, rather than a Trojan Horse, as it was the horse that came out of the piano!


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Dimensions in mm –

Weight – About 80kg

Materials Used – Piano parts; metal frame, strings, pin block, pedals, felt hammer, sideboards, keyboard lid, legs and timber frame for bracing. MDF board for base and plinth. Castors.

Usability – The strings are not tuned as the structure could not support the tension

Placement – Floor. Free standing. Three sided pelmet included to cover castors.

Artwork Completed – March 2018