Saint Nick’s Musical Workshop

It’s Christmas in Ballarat!
The art installation “Saint Nick’s Musical Workshop” was created by Nick Carpenter and proudly sponsored by the City of Ballarat.
Located at the corner of Sturt and Albert St, Ballarat, on display until Christmas.

Find out the name of each Instrumen, and take one home too!
These cute little ukuleles with arms and legs are for sale. Find out their names and choose which unique Instrumen you would like from the pictures below. They do work as ukuleles but they are first and foremost an artwork. They can be collected after the installation has ended (post Christmas). $150 each.


What’s Going On In Saint Nick’s Workshop?

The Instrumen are helping Saint Nick to make all the presents. Honky Tonk is pouring the raw ingredients into the horn section, which produce the presents. They deposit the presents onto the piano conveyor belt which transports them over to the big pile, ready for delivery.
As they work long hours to get ready for Christmas, worker moral is kept high by singing Christmas carols, accompanied by Boogie Woogie playing the piano accordion.

Why Are They Called Instrumen?

The name Instrumen has been haunting me for decades, well, as long as internet banking has been around anyway. You see, when I pay a bill for the business I am required to put a reference in, but it is limited to a certain number of characters. So every time I put in Wildwood Instruments, it gets shortened to Wildwood Instrumen  That is where the idea came from for these guys! These little men are standing proud in the buff, and if you look closely, you can see why they are called Instru-men!

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