Wildwood Instruments Newsletter

Wildwood Instruments Newsletter

For those of you who may have missed it, here is the Wildwood Instruments Newsletter. It was sent out to the mailing list, so if you didn’t receive it why not sign up and next time get it delivered to your inbox.


Hello and welcome to another instalment of the life and times of Wildwood!

As you probably know by now, Wildwood Instruments has moved to Melbourne, found a great factory in Brunswick, and has been setting up the very first Wildwood Instruments shop there. It has been a busy year with all the relocating, giving me little chance to make any instruments. So, unfortunately, I will be putting off the opening of the shop until after the festival season. With many instruments to be made and many festivals to attend, there is not enough time to complete and run the shop as well. You can still order instruments online and have them posted to you or you can collect them from the factory. I will also be attending a whole bunch of music festivals across Australia over the summer months (soon to be posted on the website) where you can come try, and buy the whole Wildwood range. Maldon Folk Festival is the first on the list, with the Wildwood stall putting in an appearance on Saturday the 3rd of November.

A set of Deluxe Mandolins has just been finished. Those of you, who have been patiently waiting, thank you for your patience. Stock is now available if you wish to place an order.

Large Xylophones and large shakers are also in stock again. Hooray!!

A new model of fiddle is about to be launched. Three prototypes have been designed and are nearing completion. They will then be subject to some scrutinising by the fiddle aficionados which will lead to the new Wildwood fiddle being reborn. Pictures of the new models will be posted on the website shortly.

The instrument making classes have been postponed. These will begin next year about the same time as the shop opening, if all goes well. I will let you all know when I will start to take bookings.

So much to do, so little time.. Oh well, we will get there in the end.

Hope to see you soon, at a festival or somewhere!!


Nick Carpenter
Wildwood Instruments