Wildwood Instruments is set on a beautiful 20 acre natural bush block in Mount Franklin, Victoria, just outside of the historic town of Daylesford. With over 30 years experience in making instruments, luthier Nick Carpenter runs guitar making courses along with making his own instrument range. He is also an artist, making works of art around the theme of music, often involving musical instruments. See his Artist Biography for more details.
The Wildwood Instruments Art Gallery opened in October 2021. It is a beautiful exhibition space displaying Nicks artworks, now open to the public by appointment. Just give Nick a call or text and if he is available he will show you around the gallery.

Wildwood Instruments Art Gallery
Electric Guitar Making Course


Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, Nick began making guitars when he was seventeen, in the early 1990’s. He is a self taught luthier, as there was little in the way of training in this field back then.  Books, a few tips from other luthiers and a fair amount of trial and error was the only way to go, and of course a lot of perseverance!  After completing a Bachelor Of Science degree (Environmental Science) Nick did a bit of work in antique restoration, wooden boat building, kitchen and furniture making before focusing on instruments.

His first exhibition was in 1998 as part of the Fremantle Festival, where he sold his first guitar.

“Wildwood Instruments” was established in 1999. The launch was held at the Acoustic Guitar Centre, North Perth.

Nick has been in several local Perth bands over the years, playing his own instruments on stage.

In 2004, Nick began making  a wide range of small, affordable acoustic instruments.  They were built in a unique style that was and still is very distinctive. He began selling them at the music festivals throughout Western Australia. 

Nick has also given talks at Primary Schools about… you guessed it! Musical Instruments.

In 2005 and again in 2006 Wildwood crossed the Nullabor and toured the east coast of Australia attending many festivals.

In 2007 Wildwood Instruments relocated to Melbourne, where a shop was set up, selling their instruments exclusively, in the heart of Brunswick.

For the next 6 years Wildwood attended most of the major festivals on the east coast of Australia. The range of small affordable instruments grew and evolved over the years. Acoustic guitars joined the range as well.

In 2009 The 10th anniversary was celebrated with the introduction of the Weissenbaby.  Nicks own invention, a mini slide guitar.

In 2011 The Wildwood Sessions began.  Acoustic jam sessions held each month in the shop.
Wildwood Instruments was involved in the 2011 Movember Campaign “The Pride and the Craft”

In 2013 Wildwood Instruments relocated to Mount Franklin. This was a new direction for Wildwood, choosing to stop making the range of small, affordable instruments they were synonymous with and focus on instrument making classes as well as more one off instrument creations. As there was no workshop at the new location the business went on hold until a new workshop was built..

In 2015 Nick finished building the new workshop.

In 2016 the new electric guitar courses were launched.

In 2018 Nick began making art out of musical instruments.

In 2019 Nick entered The Piano Transformation Challenge, winning the Entertainment category with PianoGuitar, and the Left Field Category with Trojan.

In 2020 the Cigar Box Guitar Making Course was added

April 2020 was going to be Nicks first solo art show, but was cancelled due to COVID-19.

In December 2020, INSTRUMENTATION exhibition was held as part of Melbourne Music Week Extended

In January 2021, INSTRUMENTATION – A Homecoming, was held at Wildwood Instruments, Mount Franklin

In October 2021 Nick launched the Wildwood Instruments Art Gallery along with his second exhibition Music Is My Muse

Wildwood Instruments had a stall at Ballarat’s Heritage Festival Craft Lab in May 2021 and 2022, displaying guitars and art.

In November 2022 Nick launched Custom Guitars – Made to Order. The course guitars can be made to order and customised.

November 2022 – Tenor sized Cigar Box Ukuleles were introduced

In December 2022 Nick created a musical themed Christmas display called “Saint Nick’s Musical Workshop” for City of Ballarat

In January 2023 Nick held his 3rd solo art exhibition called Repercussion, in his gallery at Mt Franklin

March 2023 – Exhibited at the Melbourne Guitar Show, returning after COVID

And thats the story so far…

See our Media section for all the magazine articles, newspaper clippings and footage for Wildwood over the years.

Wildwood Instruments Acoustic Guitars